• IQF Ginkgo Nut
  • IQF Ginkgo Nut
  • IQF Ginkgo Nut
IQF Ginkgo Nut

1. Xiamen Sinocharm' Frozen Ginko Nut are frozen soon after ginko nut have been harvested from our own farm, and pesticide is well controlled.
2. To import frozen ginko nut from Xiamen Sinocharm, you are guaranteed to have purchased ginko nut product NON GMOs.
3. Our factory have HACCP, BRC, Kosher, Organic, SEDEX, IFS certificates.


Commodity Description

IQF Ginkgo Nut
1) Natural Color Ginkgo Nut
2) Green Color Ginkgo Nut
3) Yellow Color Ginkgo Nut
Crop Season
June - July
900Gx10/ctn  500Gx20/ctn, 10KGx1/ctn
or per the requirement of customers
As a kind of semi-finished materials, need to be further processed
available in Grade AA, Grade A, Grade B
Exported countries

1000 tons/year to Korea, Russia, Australia, Europe,Middle East, etc

Loading port
Tianjin, China

Detailed analysis report will be sent 

if you need

- Microbiological report:
TPC ≤ 500,000 cfu/g    E.Coli (cfu/g): ≤ 100 cfu/g

Coliform Bacteria (cfu/g): ≤1000 cfu/g 

Yeast&Mould : ≤100 cfu/g      Salmonella: Negative    Listeria: Negative

- Heavy metal report:
Tin : ≤250 mg/kg   Zinc : ≤100mg/kg Copper : ≤20 mg/kg
Lead : ≤1 mg/kg   Mercury : ≤0.02 mg/kg

Ginko Nut:

IQF Ginkgo Nut

Frozen Ginkgo Nut


Frozen ginko nut you import from us is certified by HACCP/BRC/GAP/HALAL/KOSHER/SEDX

Our factory complete with modern production machine, color sorter, automatic packing machine, X-ray inspection system

How do we sort, clean, freeze, select and load frozen fruit and vegetable that you buy ? Hereunde is flowchar of IQF Snap Peas FYI.





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