What is the advantages of Frozen Vegetables and Fruits?

Most frozen vegetables & fruits taste surprisingly better than fresh vegetables & fruits you buy from supermarket. Why? The fresh vegetables may have taken 2 or 3 days to reach their supermarket, then sat at the supermarket for another 2 or 3 days. Compare that with Frozen Vegetables, they are processed immediately after being harvested, when they’re at their peak ripeness and most nutrient-packed. This is why buying frozen fruits and vegetables make sense. On a nutritional level, frozen vegetables are usually superior to fresh, unless you can see out your window the garden the vegetables came from. Frozen vegetables & fruits have been blanched to kill bacteria and quick frozen to lock the vegetables in a relatively nutrient-rich state. They provide the same essential nutrients and health benefit as fresh. They retain their nutritional value longer. It's really convenience of having an array of frozen vegetables at your disposal. Having your own stockpile lets you make most recipes any time of the year. And frozen produce saves you time and money. They’re already chopped and ready to eat, and since you use only what you need, there’s no wasted food.

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