Flowchart of Frozen Strawberry

Strawberry processing flow control point:

(1) Raw materials: choose strawberries that areripe, bright red, tender, without hollow, few seeds and rich in aroma

(2) Selection and grading: according to the size and color of the fruit, it is divided into four grades: 15 mm, 15 - 25 mm, 25 -35 mm, and above 35 mm. Red color of a strawberry should account for more than 2/3 of the fruit surface.

(3) Removing the stem: when removing the stem, pay special attention to avoid injury of the fruit.Gently hold the fruit in one hand and gently rotate the other hand to remove the stemto maintain the integrity of the fruit.

(4) Washing: strawberries are washed with running water 4 to 5 times to remove sand, dirt, etc.

(5) Freezing: IQF Frozen at a temperature of -35 ℃ or below, then store in cold warehouse with -18 ~ -20 ℃ in time.

(6) Selection and Packing: pack per order requirements, all products been through metal detection and X-ray machine which is from Japan.

(7) From raw materials to finished products, pesticide residues are under controlled, and microorganisms can also be controlled to meet various market standards and requirements.

Figure 1. Pesticide gas instrument, and Pesticide liquid instrument.

Figure 2. Pesticide residue detection.

Figure 3. Micro detection

Flowchart of Frozen Strawberry.jpg

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