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Our strawberry production and packaging are strictly controlled from planting to harvest, and have passed HACCP, BRC, GGAP, HALAL, Kosher and other certifications. As the company continues to improve and develop, our mission is to provide healthy, safe, high-quality food and competitive price to customers. 

一. Raw material control

1. The quality of safe food is taken from the source, knowing the importance of raw materials, investing a lot of money to build several raw material planting bases, distributed in many areas of the country, with a total area of more than 800,000㎡, to ensure the safety and stability of raw materials, and experienced and technically competent technicians manage cultivation and select the best varieties; strictly control the use of drugs and fertilization according to national standards; standardize construction and management according to requirements, and pass GAP certification; strictly guarantee the growth environment of crops, cultivate carefully, and make sure the products safe.

2. Strawberry harvest time is generally controlled on sunny days. The whole harvesting time lasts about 20 days, and is harvested in batches, usually a day or every other day. Generally, it is appropriate to harvest when the color of strawberry surface 3/4 turns red. Premature harvesting has bad fruit color and flavor. Harvesting should be done after the dew is dry, and avoid harvesting at noon when the temperature is high.

3. Harvesting method. The skin of strawberry is very thin, which is easy to be damaged. Therefore, when harvesting strawberries, take them lightly, put them in the basket, and avoid turning over,  avoid hurting the skin. After the basket is full of strawberries, they should be collected in time and sent to the factory for processing to ensure the product is fresh.

二.Processing flow chart

Raw materials → selection → move off the stem → wash by running water → wash with flowing water → washing through flowing bubble pool → washing by flowing water to roll the brush → washing by flowing water again → IQF Frozen → store at minus 18 degrees → Grading → sorting and packaging → metal detection → X-ray → packing in cartons → storage at minus 18 degrees

(1) Raw materials Choose ripe, bright red and gorgeous, delicate flesh, no hollow, few seeds, rich aroma. It should be handled lightly during harvesting and transportation. It should not be too full when packing, avoid direct sunlight.

(2) Selection according to the classification of fruit color, the bad fruit and the bad color is selected out. The red color of whole fruit should more than 2/3 of the fruit surface.

(3) To remove off the stem, take care and don’t hurt the flesh. Take the fruit lightly in one hand and gently rotate the other hand to remove the stem.

(4) Washing Sterilized strawberries are rinsed with running water 4 to 5 times to remove sediment, dirt etc.

(5) Freezing Freeze quickly at a temperature below -35 ℃. Quickly freeze and store at a temperature of -18 ~ -20 ℃ in time.

(6) Grading according to the size and color of the fruit, it is divided into four grades: 15 mm, 15-25 mm, 25-35 mm, and >35 mm. Fruit red color should more than 2/3 of the fruit surface.

(7) Can be shipped at any time according to customer needs, delicious strawberries can be eaten all year round, selected from the warehouse, using high-quality control of gold detection and X-ray machine, so that consumers can buy finished products safely.

3. Quick-freezing facility and quality control

 The quality of our factory's facility selection and the quality of the processed strawberries are all good quality, generally divided into three levels.

1: The facility is fully equipped, the production line is very long, can be washed very cleanly, there are equipment to remove sediment, impurities, hair, advanced color sorter or X-ray machine. The processing capacity of the factory is relatively large, and the processing is timely. The frozen strawberry products are characterized by clean, shiny, clean surface and good storage temperature. Whenever you check, they are shiny and fresh.

2: The equipment is enough, the production line has only a few basic equipment, colorless or X-ray machine, medium or small and medium-sized factories. The strawberries processed by this strawberry processing plant have average color freshness and slightly blurred surface. When the processing is not timely, there will be a deep red or dark red phenomenon.

3: There is no basic equipment, only one bubble cleaning and a few pools, if the processing is timely, the color is ok, if the processing is not timely, the color will appear black and red, and the internal color of the strawberry will be bad.

  Some factories even don't have a quick-freezing machine, but just freeze in the quick-freezing room. Such a strawberry will have a very deep mark on the surface, which is very ugly. If the frozen is not enough, the surface of the cold storage will be even more unsightly in the later period.

四. Laboratory control

The studios of the laboratory are spacious and bright, with advanced design and reasonable layout. They have advanced testing equipment worth RMB600,000, which can carry out the detection of pesticides and microorganisms to meet the requirements of internal testing.

  The laboratory is equipped with sufficient inspection personnel, and all the personnel have received training equivalent to the work they undertake and passed the assessment, which can meet the needs of inspection work. Every year, personnel are sent to participate in technical training and technical exchanges, so as to expand the inspection personnel's field of vision, improve the technical level and business work ability, and combine the reality to continuously improve the inspection level and provide customers with the best quality products.

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