The Price of Garlic Will Go Down


The continuous rain in recent days has affected the garlic trade, which is in a boom.At present, garlic trading outside the warehouse is about to enter the final period, even if the supply of limited, if a short period of time to focus on the market, will also form a large quantity of goods, the overall supply of loose will lead to buyers pick goods, the market trading flat, and then cause the garlic price continues to go down.

As the inertia of the price of garlic fell, garlic farmers, garlic traders worried that the price of garlic will fall further, so speed up the selling force, a short time supply of larger supply.The result of large quantity, no other than buyers lower prices, sellers let the price of the transaction phenomenon, and then accelerated the price of garlic down again.

On the market observation, the last two or three days, the trading process of large head supply ratio increased significantly, based on whether it is garlic vendors, or garlic farmers more nest good garlic situation, combined with everyone has the first time to sell garlic, and then sell good garlic habits, prove that the recent volume of goods, also indicates that a lot of goods will be the end of the period.

Source: international garlic trade network.


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