Frozen Fruits and Vegetables Are More Healthy Than Fresh


As we know that eating more fruits and vegetables can make your body healthier.But if you want to eat cherry and strawberry in winter, or you want to eat persimmon grapefruit in summer, or you buy too many fruits vegetables on weekend that did not eat in time to become not fresh how to do? While it often happens, it's time to check out the following frozen fruits and vegetables!

Frozen fruits and vegetables mean you can enjoy your favorite berries or peaches during the winter months, which means less decay, allowing us all to enjoy the most nutritious products at the best time.In fact, studies show that frozen fruits and vegetables have as many vitamins, and sometimes more, than fresh fruits and vegetables. If you need or interest frozen fruits and vegetables,such as frozen strawberr , blueberry and othes,you can click our website:

Study author Ali Bouzari who is a culinary scientist and the author of "ingredients: Unveiling the Essential Elements of Food," said, "freezing is the best way to save nutrients, given the way humans save Food." As Mary Ann Lila, director of the institute of human health at north Carolina state university, explains besides vitamins, freezing is the best way to preserve beneficial plant compounds and help prevent disease. 

By this token , it will be a wise chioce that eating frozen vegetables and fruits and frozen fruits and vegetables are more healthy than fresh. 

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